Writing/Design - All gloriously White Positive

When the soldiers come

Spite and malice 
march across the bridge 
with skateboards & skulls 
because honour is too hard. 

I see fat, black lips frothing, 
slackened with greed and lust. 
eyes slanted with stupid, 
baying for our blood.

I see our history thrown in rivers, 
scoured with acid and 
toppled from high places. 

A pride flag hangs from a window 
rippling with every colour stripe - but White 

I see black is king, black is God
but Rwanda still screams it’s pain 
and I dream a wasteland in our future 

We are the prize, 
we are pure and pale. 
ignited by God & sent to rule 

Not perfect but preferred. 
and the bone dust & chipped dark blood 
will not be ours come twilight 
When the soldiers come.