So Bored Now

As I type the top 5 Non-Fiction Print/Ebook is dominated by books that are anti-White. Titles like White Fragility, How to be Anti-Racist and Me and White Supremacy shriek from the digital page – an assault on White Culture, thought and deeds.

I work in the Arts – a snarling hotbed of lefty transophiles & White Men haters. My issue is the banality. The liberal use of buzzwords and clichés, the cancel culture, the hatred and intolerance, and the magnitude of hypocrisy.

And these are just the White women who think Labour ‘cares’ deeply about everybody, Corbyn was a ‘lovely bloke’ because he was once pictured in his allotment and the Tories are Nazi Pigs who kick kittens & butcher black babies in Africa.

I rarely get to talk black people about their experiences – thankfully. The endless bleating about microaggressions, education & a continual need to be acknowledged as the victim. And publishing and the Arts ‘take a knee’ and apologise continually.

And contrary to the MSM – many White nationalists do not loathe BME people. I have a few (only a few mind) of smart black friends who are uniquely embarrassed about the #blm/anarchist/soyboy/transsexuals/socialist worker party debacle. They see it as unnecessary and stoking up anti-black sentiment where it didn’t exist before.

One of my acquaintances on Twitter posted that she popped into the corner shop for some milk and an older White woman tapped her on the shoulder, raised a clenched fist and whispered, ’Black Lives Matter’. ‘I wanted to punch her in the face, to be honest’, T wrote.

And the cadre of White people to blame? Middle-class women in particular, probably achieved a 3rd in Geography or Gender Studies, ashamed of her working-class roots and despises the Upper Classes who through their affection for the Working Class and vice-versa – have betrayed everybody.

They will have a couple of children with ridiculous names, talk earnestly in Starbucks while contributing to the abhorrent Mermaid Fund about how happy they are that their youngest, Brian (now called ) Briony loves Unicorns and pink glitter. Or that they have delivered some groceries that nobody wants to eat to the Foodbank. Trust me – fucking aubergines – not great on toast or tinned asparagus spears that no child has ever liked.

You find them on the Parent Councils pushing the ‘refugee narrative’ and putting in place directives & fundraisers for migrant criminals who need support and understanding. Embracing muslims who seriously couldn’t give a flying fuck about us & treat these women with derision in private as the dream of Sharia & Mosques on every corner. In-sodding-shallah.

This encouragement of migrant participation & integration puts pressure on the Health and Education services and the group of the people who are punished most severely by this are low-income indigenous British.

I’ve noticed that the Left always lump together working class White British and immigrants together and attempt to (wittingly or un) to eradicate both their Whiteness and their identity which is despicable and why working-class Britain voted overwhelmingly for Boris Johnson. Brexit isn’t about the economy or fishing rights for most people. It’s about borders, White identity and a flooding of ‘difference’ into our culture, politics, religion and our Western European narrative.

Every company or organisation seems to be jumping on this BLM repugnant drive towards a race war. I received this by email today from Patreon.

It’s so incredibly discriminating against poorer White creators. I framed a furious and ‘outraged’ mail back to them before realising it was a ‘no-reply’ email. Sneaky little bigots!

So, what can we do now – as men and women who are nationalists & are feeling angry, resentful and powerless?

Become part of the PA world. You might not agree with everything discussed and that should be encouraged because drones are no use to any blossoming community.

Sit in the sidelines and find your feet. Connect with other White nationalists. Write stuff, create stuff, compose stuff.

It’s vitally important that we produce White Western Art and Culture and promote it before it becomes obsolete.

You are not alone – but be mindful of your personal and cyber security.

George Orwell was one of the greatest clairsentients of his age.

Big Sister/Binary/Trans/Triggered Attack Helicopter are/they/she/shir listening.